Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane

The title is pretty misleading.
That is unless you think the 'fast lane' is out and about on back roads and a jaunt through the woods on Mr. Mule [Badger].

The other night we went for a ride to watch the sun set over the ridge. I didn't get many sunset photos as I ended up stopping and talking with a couple of the neighbors that live about a mile from my place.
Children came out to pet Badger as we watched the sun go down.
I can say that Badger has continued to be one of the best Mule Ambassadors ever. He adores children and will become a statue when they want to pet him.
[that said, I know that an animal is an animal...and we always practice safety first]

Badger dropped his head for a small child so she could grasp his ears with her fingers. He loves that for some reason. He then gently shakes and flops his ears and the children laugh.

I remounted and rode out to the where the black top begins and found another neighbor's wayward dog. I called to him and surprisingly enough, he followed Badger and I back to his home.

A nice little adventure.
A beautiful sunset, a visit with neighbors and children, a 'rescued' dog, and a pleasant ride.

If this is the 'fast lane'...or more appropriately, the gravel lane, I am happy to be here.


  1. I love your Badger. What a true peach of a mule. I'm so glad you appreciate him and he you. Beautiful post BTW.