Monday, April 12, 2010

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Have you ever heard of them?

I hadn't until my older son showed them to me last year. I thought *weird, they look like gorilla feet*.
Who on earth would wear 'shoes' like these?
Then my son told me he was running full time in these.

He is not a 'jogger'. He is a runner with multiple marathons, half marathons, and an ultra-marathon under his belt.
He said his feet felt great. He said his feet loved these 'shoes'.

I thought he was bizarre. I mean I'd started running in the early 70's in deck shoes and progressed to real running shoes by the early 80's. I always bought cheap because that was what I could afford and the more expensive ones made my feet sore.

So I started thinking. I'd grown up running around barefoot. My grandmother at the young age 0f 85 was still going barefoot...
I still go barefoot whenever I can in the yard, but chose to wear rubber chore boots while hiking the trails.

What if
What if I decided to try these out?

What on earth is a woman who is going to be my age, doing looking at these funky shoes?

I'll tell you more after I've received them and start wearing them mid May.
Then I too can have *gorilla feet*, albeit they will be pink and gray.

Although, I really thought the blue camo ones were strictly cool.

Who knows, I may be enchanted by happy feet to start running again [mostly wooded trails!].


  1. Can't wait to hear your take on them after your first hike/run. Heck there was once a day that I thought Birkenstock shoes and Keen shoes were weird looking too.... that is until I wore them. I gotta admit though, they do look a little apelike!!

  2. I was mildly surprised at the reaction I've had to ordering these shoes.

    Some very pro, some very con stating that they couldn't be good shoes.

    Those that were pro cited all the bennies of rambling around barefoot. I've heard of both Birkenstock and Keen ... when I did research on these!

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

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  4. I think you should definitely act your age and wear the funkiest shoes you can find!

  5. I absolutely will Leigh!

  6. I really like my blue camo kso five fingers, too! Though I recently tripped and tore a hole in the top of them :(

    Anyway - welcome to the VFF-nation! Keep at it and you'll be a regular runner before you know it -- or at least your feet will be much stronger.

    Justin / birthdayshoes