Monday, April 19, 2010

False Morels and a Donkey

This afternoon was bright, warm, and sunny. I didn't feel like riding as we went yesterday [okay I did want to ride, but thought I should get something else done].

So I took out the curry comb and started through some mules.
Let the HAIR fly!

When I got to Eddie, the gelded donkey, I thought it would be fun to take him and Morris for a walk in the woods.
I wanted to see if Eddie had remembered his leading lessons.

I was extremely surprised and happy to find out that he did!

Way to go Eddie!

On July 10th he will be 2 years old. He was polite on the narrow trail and followed nicely. He even decided to please me by learning how to jump a log. The log came to just above his knees.
...and his jump was very graceful.
He didn't mind Morris running around him, but was very aware of him.
This pleased me as donkeys are not naturally friends with dogs. Morris is always around ... so Morris is probably associated with me in Eddie's mind.

We hiked through berry briers and multi flora rose, following a deer trail.
I stopped in the woods and looked up towards the ridge top considering whether or not to take Eddie up on the gravel road.
I decided not to because I had no leash for Morris.

I turned my head and saw this:

A False Morel mushroom. Quite excited, I lead Eddie over and picked it. I would have left it there, but it is poisonous. Anyone not knowing what they were looking for might actually sneak into these woods and pick it.
Plus with my hands full of lead rope I hadn't brought my camera.
[I know, I always have it...but the quick trip to the woods was very spontaneous!]

What a great little experiment in the woods. Eddie did NOT miss his pasture mates one bit, and followed me politely everywhere.

Eddie will be started under saddle in two more years. Yes, I will have a iron gray donkey to ride.

...and if you go Morel Hunting ~~ please beware of the False Mushroom.


  1. Such a cute and nice donkey. No luck in Central Iowa at this time for a big cache of morel mushrooms. We usually find lots, but the ground is dry. Happy Trails.

  2. It isn't really 'time' yet for Morels, you may be able to find one or two in this dry weather...the majority of them ~~ we find if we get rain ~~ in a couple of weeks!


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