Friday, April 16, 2010

Morris~stunt dog

Oh for woodland adventures.
I love woodland adventures.

Yup I surely do.
I love it when we go out in the woods and I can run like the wind.
I can run circles around HER.
She watches so that I don't get lost.

Doesn't she know I watch her too?

Today we came to a very big and very rocky ravine where water runs hard and fast during a big storm.
SHE calls it a 'dry run' or wash.
I call my playground.

First you look...
Then you bunch up...
Then you LEAP with your ears catching air for balance...
Then you walk along as if it were no big deal.

We had a very nice Woods Adventure.


  1. I really love the one of Morris grinning from ear to ear!!! What a happy boy!

  2. Yes he is always a happy dog it seems.