Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunshine~the Miracle Mule

Here is Sunshine.
She had torn her collateral ligament and injured her shoulder July 5th last year. The DX and prognosis was very grim.

She spent 6 months in 'stall rest'. The first 3 months were painful for her [no pain meds as the vet wanted her to limit her movements]. She laid in the stall off and on for 6 weeks.

Today she walks, bucks, runs, and plays like nothing has ever happened.

We have gotten the okay to do mild exercise on flat ground under light rider and saddle.

She is truly a miracle mule.


  1. That's wonderful! You go Sunshine!!!

  2. I knew she'd make it! The kids and I were praying for her. Yippeee!!! She's back!