Friday, April 09, 2010

Are Those Wrinkles???

Me ~ Color
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Somehow, somewhere, these things crept up on me without me knowing.

After all, when I look at myself in the mirror [without my glasses, or without the light turned on]...I look just fine.

Then I get this really quite nice photo taken of me by my stepdaughter whom I handed my camera to so that I could climb on the round bales with the grand kids.

I knew she knew how to use the camera. But I assumed she was taking photos of the kids.

With my photoshop abilities, I'm sure I could've edited out all the wrinkles and made myself look beautiful-er and young-er.
But what the hey...I earned all those wrinkles.

Laugh wrinkles, worry wrinkles, weather wrinkles [from being outdoors all the time], and wrinkles of wisdom?

So I am going to leave it as it stands.
This is me.
And I like me just the way I am.

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