Saturday, April 10, 2010

Into the woods

Yesterday I took a walk along the old 'cow' path into the woods. This is the trail that I maintain for riding.
I took along a small saw and a pair of nippers.
The April sun warmed the air to a balmy 60 degrees.

Because the weather has been so warm, it seems that some things are coming up a bit earlier in the forest.
The Wild Ramps or Leeks are not yet quite ready. Ohhhh, but they smell wonderful and very strong.

To my surprise I looked at the 'spot' where I'd found Trillium last year and found the leaves of the plant poking up through the oak and maple leaves.

[Last year's plant in the same spot.]

I felt a shot of excitement and literally did a little jig in the woods before I pulled out my broken Pentax Optio [the LCD is broken on it, yet I couldn't give it up because the super macro on this little camera is incredible]...
and shot some photos 'blind' hoping that they would turn out!

The spring 'bug' has bitten me.
I know the small 'pinks' are out there somewhere right now...
and the blood roots ought to be unfolding ...

Badger just brayed at me while I was making coffee. He must be able to see me through the kitchen window.

I'm thinking a trip to the woods by mule [with Morris] is on my to do list today.

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