Monday, January 30, 2023

Snow, blowing snow, weather, play

We had some rather interesting wild weather on Friday with the winds. I walked to the ridge to see if the snowfall was drifting across the ridge roads.

It was.
I cancelled my CrossFit work out because. Well, because I could. I don't have to drive in poor weather anymore so I can relax and just watch the snow pile up and the winds create beautiful drifts.

Our road looked like this:

The winds were picking up the snow and blowing it into fantastic shapes in the roadside ditches.

I talked to a friend of mine who had said they'd gone to town and the roads on the ridges were drifting and visibility was not good.
I figured that because I could barely see across the cropland on top of the ridge.

The winds were whipping the snow like crazy. Video length about 20 seconds of snow-nadoes!

I walked off the ridge and just into the woods. 

It got quiet and peaceful without the roaring winds. Charlie and I walked down into the wild meadow where I picked up sticks, mosses, pieces of bark, and some grass. I felt that I'd probably be spending most of the rest of the day indoors and I felt like making something creative.

It sure looks like a mess, but I had ideas for a diorama of sorts.

I had some quiet time to myself so I got to work with my free materials from the woods.
Sorry, my cell phone takes awful photos in dim light. But I used and old cookie sheet to create a scene just for the camera.

 I thought it would be funny to have a Lego Robot and a Squirrel working in a garden together. 

Hey, IT could happen right???

And after all of their hard work, they decided to have a picnic.

An Acorn for the squirrel and a pizza for the robot. The Robot is the Nanny Droid, IG 11. He stars in Disney's Mandalorian episodes. I thought he was just weird enough to use in this scene.

The fork he is holding actually is an extra piece that was included in the Orchid build. 

It looks like the pair is happy with their work of planting and watering.

After I cleaned that up I wondered what to do with all the extra material I had from the woods.

I had clay, a glue gun, sticks, and moss...

And I heard that Acorn Guy was looking for a little place to live. He didn't like Lego Brick homes, he preferred more wild-like things....

...stay tuned....

We don't stop playing because we grow
We grow old because we stop 

George Bernard Shaw.

Play on!


  1. I love your playtime! You remind me of the coffee table setups I used to build with found objects. Should try that again. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. I do that often, generally while the winter weather is pretty bleak.
      I love taking objects to the woods for photography even better, but this keeps me out of the bitter cold.

  2. Excellent choice to stay home off the road and play! Robot and squirrel did a very good job.

    1. Indeed! I'd love a robot who did my gardening!

  3. Ohh, thanks for sharing your Wintery vistas! Glad you pointed out who the robot dude is in your cute woodland scene's. I have watched a lot of Disney in my years, but not that series.

    Awesome last photo with Val taking a photo of lego Val!

    1. That series is very much like watching a Clint Eastwood western, where the Mandalorian is always going up against bad guys in towns and having epic battles. And he saves a kid who he makes his sidekick.
      Rich loved it.

  4. You have some fun creations. If you don't want to stay outside to create bring it all inside. I do remember that robot. I blew snow today out of my driveway. It was pretty as it was thrown threw the air.

  5. Fun stuff in the lousy cold weather!


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