Sunday, January 29, 2023

International Lego Day

The Birth of the Lego Brick happened on January 28th, 1958. The red Lego brick was born.

We all are fairly familiar with those first red bricks...or maybe not! 

As kids we had red and white bricks that we used to create forts for our little soldiers. We had epic battles in and around our forts.

Legos has come a long way since then.

In 1978 they started producing Minifigures with faces. They soon moved onto expressions and different outfits. Of course there are so many licensed minifigs that are popular like Star Wars and Disney for example.

Lego has created sets just for adults.
I got this from my CrossFit Coach. Finally, an orchid I won't kill!

There is even a VIP lounge on the Lego site. I guess there is a TV show called Lego Masters. I've never seen it, but I might just do a search for it on one of these cold nights.

What can I say? I've found Legos again in my adulthood, or perhaps second childhood. I carry some Legos minifigs around with me in a pocket or my camera bag because you never know when some opportunity will show up. 

So Happy Lego International Day one day late.

Enjoy imagination because it sure can make the world a little bit kinder.


  1. This is going to be unbelievable, but I have never seen a Lego in person! I have a friend in Denmark who worked at Lego. She loved it. I could use an orchid I couldn't kill.

    1. Well, I believe it. Not everyone has had Legos in their life. I really found that the minifigures lend a lot of fun to still life and the imagination. Must be why I am fascinated with them.

      That orchid looks very real from a distance and needs no water or sunlight!

  2. That Orchid is way cool! Our girls had a set of red, white, blue and yellow legos and they played with them all the time! They gave them all to my nephew and I am not sure what happened to them after that. My grandsons loved the Lego store in the Mall of America:)

    1. I loved the shop in the Mall of America. I would love to go back and see it again!

  3. I had those red and white ones back then and loved them. I didn't have enough of them and never saw where one could buy them. I would make tall towers with them and also houses.

    1. We made forts and a two brick tall hotel for some toys we had...imagination ran wild...

  4. I had no idea the first Lego's were red. I don't remember them growing up. My kids had lego bricks that came in totes, but by then they were all primary colors. With an occasional gold or silver brick that everyone wanted. I saved their lego's for my grandkids to play with.

    Lego's have gotten so sophisticated! Your Orchid is awesome. A perfect gift for you. Love the kindness photo!

    1. I imagine they were not a cheap toy back then but my parents really were quite awesome and us busy with great toys.

      I have one old red brick I found when the neighbor dumped most of her old Legos out. I also dumpster dove to grab some Lego minifigs that are no longer in production.
      I love the Lego wild flower bouquet. That would be so colorful and pretty.


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