Thursday, December 15, 2022

Weather, what else is there?

 Yesterday's weather was rain, rain, rain....

It rained so much that it melted all of the snow off the roof and off the land. We had small streams of water running through the pastures. Rain and fog.

I took my morning walk through the woods and enjoyed a bit of the moisture.

Water clung to everything. 

Moss on the side of a tree trunk.

Water droplets clinging to thorns.

This morning we awoke to heavy wet snow. I spent an hour just clearing branches and whatnot from an oak the let loose a huge branch down on the driveway. I texted my neighbor at the top of the driveway -- I saw he was already gone that I'd get Frank to do our hill and plowing when the weather settled down.

When daylight broke I saw that I needed to clear the hot wire that was drooping and that yesterday's stream was now 3 inch slush. Wow, not good for when the temps drop tonight and make that area pure ice.

Here they were waiting for breakfast the dark beige area to the left on the photo is slush that is deep. 

I may have to move the smaller water tank and plug it in where the mules can reach it. They will not walk on ice.

Apparently we are very lucky so far. Olive texted me to say that her drive to drop off her son took over and hour and she had to re-route because of down trees and large branches in the road. She said the power at her house went off a few times.

Yuck. Once more I am fortunate enough not to have to make the 30 mile journey down the treacherous highway that dips into steep valleys to go to work.

Instead I can go out an admire it.

Pre dawn:

Getting the mail:

It is a wonder land and I love it. I'm not doing housework today, but going out and enjoying this beautiful scenery.


  1. You do have some beautiful photos. We had the slush this morning as it snowed and now it really is snowing heavily. The mules are smart not to walk on the ice but it makes problems for you.

    1. Thanks, it isn't so much of a problem that it is horrible. It has an easy fix.
      I spent a lot of time out in the weather today. The snowfall was so beautiful!

  2. Winter weather is a whole different ballgame once we retire!

  3. I did the same thing, spent as much time as I could outside. It really felt and looked like a winter wonderland! Unless you had to drive in it. Sooo many impassable roads. Our trees are still dropping limbs and our main pine trail continues to be completely blocked. I worry about tree's hitting one of us while walking in the woods. We have several tree's held up by others or with deep splits. Wish I could handle a chainsaw. We would benefit from some sunshine, and warmer temps.

    Your mules are smart! Ice is always so concerning, for both the animals and us. Nice pics, especially like the moss photo :)


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