Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Let's Break Something

 Oh darn!

Have you ever broken a toe? We all know how fun that can be. I did when I was a kid and ran around the corner of our old 2 room cottage barefoot and split that little toe off a door frame.

I was probably only 8 at the time and I hollered and fell to the floor. Mom came along and told me to cut it out. Stop being a baby. 
I sucked up those tears. One learned never to cry in front of mom. She wasn't exactly Miss Empathy. 
That toe turned purple and I limped around for part of that summer. But oh gosh, that pain!

After being up most of the night with Fred, the mule, I decided to take a nap. I had been thoroughly chilled and thoroughly exhausted.

I was sound asleep when I heard pounding on our back door. No one pounds on our doors. No one except maybe a delivery that needs signing by UPS. But I always track packages. I burst up out of bed and flew towards our bedroom opening...

Oh, you guessed it. That same little toe decided to go up against the frame. I hopped and continued to the back door. There was the neighbors from across the ridge with their annual Christmas bag of treats. Incredible dried apple slices and some candies!

I guess I was bleary eyed with no glasses and my hair probably sticking up all over the place...

"Oh did we wake you?" I tried to smile politely. I'm sure it looked like something between a frightful grimace and a crooked sneer. 
I explained and they decided not to stick around and chat. Besides it was still below zero out.

I must have looked a fright, trying to peer at their blurry faces and be pleasant while I was really tempted to just start screaming at the fire in my little toe.

I waved goodbye with a mental reminder to text them thank you for the treats and then sat down on the kitchen floor and rocked back and forth holding my foot.

All the ruckus woke up Rich and he walked in wanting to know why the heck was I on the floor? Charlie licked my face.

I cannot believe what incredible purples a toe can turn! So pretty! 

I admired the different hues of purple and red as I iced it that evening. Putting that toe into a boot for chores was even more fun.

At least the weather was cold and I didn't have to go anywhere.

Rich was ever so helpful. He suggested I sit outside and stick my toe in the deep cold snow. Yeah baby, it was -12 F that night. 
At least he still has his wicked sense of humor.

It's the small things in life that make
you smile 


  1. I have brokken a toe. Ouch. You also have retained a wicked sense of humor!

    1. Humor is one of the things that keeps me going.

  2. Oh yeah. Been there done that. This past summer when I broke my ankle it hurt like that and I managed not to let Ted know just how much it hurt....
    Last time I broke my toe (there have been a few times!) I had just finished swatting hundreds of flies that managed to get in the house (our last place) and was feeling all satisfied... then I walked around the couch and broke my baby toe on the leg of the couch.... I felt that it was instant karma for killing all those flies. (Insert eyeroll...)

    1. Ouch! Thankfully I have not broken anything else in my life except that little toe.
      Instant Karma! That made me laugh!

  3. Yes, I've broken my toe which is why I now never go barefoot. Buddy tape it is what you want to do. Tape it to the toe next to it. It provides added support for you and helps the broken toe heal quicker. Elevate it when you can. I also broke my foot a few years back which is another reason why I don't go barefoot, even in the summer. The foot hurts when not supported in good shoes. Hope you heel quickly and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    1. I still go barefoot around the house and yard, but I understand where you are coming from. Lucky for me, I've never broken anything else...knock on wood.
      We had a very quiet Christmas which was nice.

  4. OWWWWIE!! Damn! I bet that toe (still) hurts, and yet you are (still) going to hike KVR with a hurt toe?! You are one tough cookie.

    Nice of your neighbors to bring you & Rich goodies. Hopefully next time they will shoot you a courtesy text before stopping by :)

    1. Yes, I went hiking with my young friend. Yes, owwie but we made it anyway and had a great time.
      I was able to give her some tips on using the Nikon camera and how to keep her battery alive in the cold.

      I had the foot taped so it wasn't too awful bad. It hurts now that I am home and relaxing.

  5. I have imaginary pains of broken bones in the past. I feel you pain and it hurts when you break a toe. I hope you are getting some relief by now. I have a floating rib that never healed back to the cage from falling down a stairs. Take care.

    1. Ouch, that would be painful. I am doing fine and pretty much doing regular activities by now.

  6. I'm so sorry. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. I'm doing okay now, just don't dare bump it against stuff. It really only slowed me down for a few days. :)


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