Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Weather, Birds, and the Bionic Eyes


The big storm is hitting our area. We are experiencing a slew of rain and sleet mixed in together. The winds on the ridge according to my neighbor sounds like heavy machinery sitting outside their house.

Yesterday we had a regular feeding Frenzy at the bird feeders. It was nuts!
I made a short 20 second video with a program called ClipChamp, but since I am not experienced at these things, it isn't very great. I also hate that Windows Movie Maker is no longer free and requires a subscription.

However, you can see the birds as they came and basically chased each other around.

The Downy or Hairy Woodpecker was NOT fazed by the intimidating female blackbird that swooped in and landed on the feeder!

The Titmouse flew in and ran off the Nuthatch...

While I was waiting for my 4th eye appointment this year...due to changes in vision, I took a lot of shots out the window. I use the ProCapture mode which cycles photos in the memory but won't save them until you press the button down. Then it takes up to 10 shots pre push and up to 10 shots when you push the shutter.

That is how I got these action shots. I am not quick enough otherwise to get them.

The Eye Appointment.

The tech tested my vision. She asked me: What brings you in today?
My answer in a bullet list form:
Cannot see anything in the distance beyond 10 feet unless it is blurry.
Up close is okay.
Light causes me to squint.
Halos around lights.
Headaches from eyestrain.
No Medication List.
No Change in Health.
Need sunglasses on dark days to dim the snow.

She did the vision test and kept asking...1 or 2? 3 or 4? 

I said none of the above.
She finished her exam and set me in a little waiting room.

Pretty soon the young and handsome Dr. Williamson came to get me [Yeah, he is young, handsome, and married. Gosh, give an old lady a break, right?]

Damn! He asked how my KVR Trail Challenge went! How could he recall that? We did some small talk about photography and after about 10 minutes we got down to it. [Guys! I must live in a very doctor friendly area. The doctors here actually take an interest in YOU!]

My vision has deteriorated in my right eye a lot [I had Strabismus surgery in 1961 -- that surgery will cause cataracts to develop more rapidly. And that eye always sucked anyway]. Doc said he couldn't fix it with a new prescription.

He also said he could only improve it slightly in the left it was time to consider the next step.

Surgery. Cataract Surgery. It is a rather Routine Surgery, however with any surgery, things can go sideways.

He explained in detail how they do the surgery. Replacing the cloudy lens -- much like a cloudy lens on an old headlight. He said I should see colors much better.

Then he talked about new technology. Did you know that there is an option for an intra ocular lens replacement that can 'fix' astigmatism? 

I could be a candidate for a Multifocal/Extended Depth of Focus Lens placement in each eye.

Could be.
That means for a pretty hefty price, I could essentially toss my glasses for most of the rest of my life.

It would be like them surgically putting my glasses as replacement to the clouded cataract lenses.

Yeah. I asked him for bionic eyes and he laughed. "We are not quite there yet!"

I talked this over with Rich regarding the expense. Rich and I checked our finances and if I qualify, I am going for the lenses.

I am the CareGiver and the driver and the everything doer here on the farm. 

Basically I want to see, I am a very visual person as you may have guessed.

Here is another surprise. I will see the surgeon in 4 weeks and they  can do the procedure in our little town at the local hospital.


  1. Those photos are really good! You will be seeing the world like it's brand new soon.

    1. I sure hope so, it will be interesting!

  2. I just had pretty much this scenario this year, sudden decision needed, almost not legal to drive all that. I spent a ton of money on the toric lenses, which fixed my extreme astigmatism a treat, and I don't have glasses anymore. I was very scared, no matter what they said about routine! But so worth it. Safely driving again. So if you need to, go for it.

    1. Wow! Good to know that someone else has had the experience. It would make a huge difference in my life.

  3. I know colors got bright again after my cataract surgery. I am excited for you! To totally get rid of glasses is a big plus. Glasses are expensive. I still have to use reading glasses and I have a pair of glasses I use at night for driving.

    1. I know that is what others have said about being able to see through non cloudy eyes again. Colors are brilliant not dulled!

  4. Yes I am reaching the same kind of conclusions that I just can't see much any more. I am glad your options are good. I was told that I would never qualify for lens replacement. I hope it all works out great so you can get back out there on the trails.

    1. Yes, if I don't qualify, I would certainly be fine with wearing glasses. After all, I've done it for many years.

  5. My friends and I are reaching this point with our eyes, too. We have discussed it and all are hopeful we can get that special lens so we can at least switch to single vision lens in our glasses, or gasp, even toss them altogether!

    1. My Aunt did this and enjoys her new lenses she has. She was quite happy with her results. I have fingers crossed.

  6. I have cataracts too, not too bad yet thank goodness. The thought of surgery makes me twitchy.
    Hope you qualify and all goes well!

    1. Thanks, mine went south fast. From first showing up a few years ago to this past year, my sight changing every few months.
      I am not a fan of surgery, but...if it turns out well, it would be nice.
      Routine is routine, unless it is your eyeballs, right?

  7. What a great improvement these new lenses would be for you. You need to see!!


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