Saturday, December 26, 2020


Chionophile: Any animal that thrives in winter conditions, especially one that thrives in snow.


This term refers to those who absolutely adore winter also. I am one of those.

Winter is my time. I love...underline that and put it in italics...I love winter.

I am lucky that I live in a region where getting out of that cold wind is an option simply by hiking.
Yesterday was my first foray out in a week. Hubby was okay with watching some Amazon or Netflix while I went out to wander. 

I didn't tell him the temps were only 2 degrees F or that the wind chills were far below 0. I dressed and headed out.

On the east end of the valley the creek runs faster with a higher volume of water. The overhanging grasses are splashed by bits of water and humidity from the warm springs....and make....

Ice Fingers

Further upstream where the water flow is much slower, the creek did a flash freeze when the temperatures dropped from 45 degrees to 6 degrees over a period of 6 hours.

Even the little water falls froze. The water that seeped over the ice froze in what almost can be described as ice waves.

I found the leaves below to be very interesting. I haven't figured out exactly why it looks like this. Perhaps because the leaves soak up sunlight and heat and melt a bit around the edges changing the consistency of the ice?

I think winter is the best.
Interesting tracks...

Interesting ice formations along the creek or any small stream for that matter.

And the beauty of Ice Walls.

December 11th...

December 25th...

I rest my case.
I am a true blue Chionophile and proud of it.

Today I took a long hike downstream with Charlie.
We had an incredible adventure and found the Blue Ice.

I just do love winter.


  1. Oh the ice falls and those leaves are very interesting! It is snowing here now again...Winter has no snakes so I am happy with that...the cold below zero stuff not so much any temp above zero is fine with me...I dress for the weather:) Enjoy!!

    1. Ahh yes! No snakes and NO bugs makes winter enjoyable also.

  2. I love the ice pictures and happy for you that you could get out to find nature's beauty. I love winter too, but for different reasons. :) No mowing or weeding and far fewer get togethers so finally time to spend indoors and do crafts or read. Of course this entire year has been like a winter - staying home and crafting. :)

  3. I love Winter too!! Nothing like a refreshing walk in the woods. The subtle colors are so pretty. Lucky you to have a stream on your property. It was one of the natural things we hoped for, but our property doesn't have. My favorite place at our old house was the large ornamental pond & waterfall stream that ran year round. The wildlife it attracted and soooothing sound. The ice formations were ever changing. Someday we may dig a pond on our homestead, but natural streams would be ideal. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Cool pics of the frozen waterfall! We used to travel to Florida during the winter months to visit the Grandparents. I loved watching the frozen waterfalls as we drove through the smoky mountains.