Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve

Here are my ladies. On the 23rd with temperatures in the 40's which by nightfall dropped into the teens and by morning it was 6 degrees.

The gal in front is Sunshine. I delivered her from my mare ... who was my very first horse. She has been a rock for me over the years. Faithful, wonderful, and dependable.
Her half sister is the other red head in back. Yep, they are all fuzzy with magnificent winter coats. The bay mule is my other sweety. Siera.

Anyway they went into the woods last night and dropped down to shelter out of the high winds.

I went out to do chores as day broke into the valley. The elder mules behind me and all of the others had nice snow blankets on. I am constantly amazed at how well insulated these creatures are compared to myself. 

Points to photo above...

Around noon Charlie and I headed towards the ridge to grab the mail and check for the mail by meds that were supposed to be delivered. Ahhh, no go. However I did check the tracking and they could be delivered on Monday.

I put on the polarized goggles for that walk. It is a fairly long one and the sun shining off the new snow was awfully bright. Charlie thought the walk was too short.

We no sooner got back to the porch when a red truck pulled down in. I recognized her as the special delivery UPS gal. Charlie squealed and cried and rolled in the snow at her feet when she jumped out of her truck. 

'Ch..hhhar....lie! You sweety ...MERRY Christmas!' she chimed in. She was dressed in a face mask heavy coveralls and gloves. I got Rich's special order meds and wished her a Merry Christmas too.

For whatever the reason she made my day.

I love snow. I love cold. I love the challenges they bring. 

Tonight I will sit up by the Christmas Chair and re-arrange things and listen to some music. Perhaps sip a glass of wine. I'll wait until a few moments before Midnight and then bundle up to go talk with the mules under the stars.

Because you know...the animals do talk for a few moments at the stroke of Midnight. And I'd love to know what they have to say.

And believe me.

They will have a LOT to tell me.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  1. Merry Christmas to you Rich and Charlie! Hope the mules told you great stories:)

  2. So fun! I can hear her Call Charlie's name... I would probably be the same kind of person. ( I love dogs... and cats. Pretty much any animal actually) Merry Christmas!

  3. What a sweet tradition to soak in the solace of the season!!