Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How does the economy effect you?

Well things have quieted down and are getting back to whatever you can call 'normal'. I've been reading the news stories this morning and they aren't very pretty where the economy is concerned.

Around here Black Friday wasn't a big success in our small town. I drove through main street early Friday morning and saw the empty streets and parking lots. Everyone had banners and signs claiming HUGE discounts!!!

The car dealership in town looks deserted with bright shiney new trucks sitting out in front at flashy angles, signs claiming 'The Best Deals Ever!'
And no one is looking.

On the other hand my friend who runs an Auto Parts store has his parking lot crammed full of people looking to 'fix' their cars and trucks and avoid buying anything new.
He has coffee on and cookies out for customers, who gather and discuss the woes of farming, the economy, the weather as they wait for service in the small packed store.
His business is thriving.

I heard from a sibling that things are not thriving in her field.
And I consider myself very lucky.
My job is secure in many ways.
It is not directly dependent on the economy, it is dependent on directives by Homeland Security and other gov't mandates.

Yet we are doing as all others. Watching our spending, buying only what is necessary.
[Today we will stop at the Auto Parts store and get a new starter for our old truck.]

We have a small niche that has actually allowed us to sell some equine this year.
Donkeys. Who would have thought that I'd get calls for donkeys?
Well, the guard donkey is a hot commodity for both sheep and cattle owners.

As for Christmas and the big spending? Well it has never been a big part of our world. I made most of our Christmas presents again this year on line.
Add to that some homemade jelly as a gift and you have it...a nice economical Christmas without going overboard.

So how are things affecting you?

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