Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can Dogs Poop Saran Wrap?

Okay, gross topic.

But good question.

I had some meat that was going to go into the 'experimental' stage in my fridge. It was wrapped in Saran Wrap, so I chucked it in the trash and set the open trash next to the door to be disposed of.
[first dumb mistake with a curious glutton of a Jack Russell in the house]

So 'Garbage Gut' comes along [also known as Morris] and sniffs out the goodies!

Yum, nearly green meat!
Wrapped in shiny clear stuff.
No problem!
Grab it and run and begin to swallow it whole!

Next I am in a chase with a little dog...I grab the Saran Wrap ~~ a tug of war with growling ensues.
I reach down into his mouth to pry it open.

Being an obstinate JRT he opens to get a better grip.

I come away with half and he makes off with half...gulping as he dodges me.

[little shit]

He does get away with a small portion of Saran Wrap and a hunk of meat which he proceeds to swallow whole.
It must have hurt to swallow it whole because he yelped.

And I said 'Let that be a lesson you turd!'
Well time will tell.

I'm not exactly going to be searching each time he goes out to the bathroom, so we may never know the exact answer to the question.

What a bonehead.
[the both of us, me for leaving it there, and him for stealing it...]

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