Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trucking in the fog...

Well deserved kisses from Morris...

The snow was deep and WET yesterday when we took our hike in the snow~woods. Morris did try to struggle through the heavy wet stuff and a few times he even surged ahead using a deer trail.
Then he decided he'd had enough and literally climbed up my leg and into my arms. He was content for a while to attempt to ride upon my shoulder.
That wasn't very easy for either of us, with me ducking tree branches and trying to stay upright in snowshoes that were clogging up with WET HEAVY snow.

I got thoroughly soaked and enjoyed it. So did some JRT!
Today was an interesting weather day...heavy fog and rain to start the day out.

It was nearly 40 degrees!
By 4PM, it started to freeze, and now of course there are ice pellets hitting the side of the house.

It is winter and mother nature is sure tossing many things our way.
I work the next three days so I won't be out 'trucking' around in the woods I suppose.

[sad sad face]

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