Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Driving into work the other night I encountered some wicked winds and very cold temps, that rocked my Cavalier around while high on the ridge above Harder Hill.

[Okay, the locals say a Harter or Harder lived on the hill and so it was thusly named...I think it should be Hard on the vehicles Hill ... but who listens to me???
Yes it is very steep and twisty.]

On with the saga.
At first I thought I was driving through smoke or fog. Ah, silly me, smoke or fog wouldn't be seen in 45mph winds! Nope,
it was snow and dirt driven by the wildly wicked winds.
[How's that for alliteration?]

Well then I heard something pelting the car. Debri from the roadside, sand from the road and dirt from the fields combined with the snow was hitting my car as I drove.
[I was positive that the vehicle would be sand blasted of all its paint by the time I got off the ridge and down *Harder Hill* into Romance. [Yes there is a place called Romance it is by the Bad Axe River populated by two bars.]

Well then it dawned on me. I was being *Sn~irted*.
Snirt. Snow~Dirt
How very clever of me at 11:30PM.

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