Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Woes of Winter

We had enough snow.... to warrant snow shoes when out and about.
I do not want a winter like last year...nope, no way no how no no no....
Have I made that clear?
100" of snow last year.
Too much.

Things strike in 3's right?
The starter went on the 98 GMC truck. It is now replaced and the truck starts.

The skid steer wouldn't work properly two days ago. After replacing the fuel filter and warming up the engine block [plugging it in], it worked.
The temperature change was so quick that the bio fuel became jelled and gubbered up the fuel filter. Normally we don't use bio fuel [soy fuel] in the winter. Some hubby must have put that in and not paid attention on his last trip to the gas station.

Yesterday, he left with his diesel truck to head out to get round bales of hay before the BIG storm struck [it was sleeting and icing up the roadways]...the truck began to act up. He turned around at the blacktop as it was a sheet of ice, and came home with a sputtering truck.
[We bought some round bales from our close neighbor]

Okay today we replace the fuel filter in the diesel truck, add some 911 to the fuel and hopefully we should be okay for a while.


On a bright note meet Sweetie...yes that is her real registered name! I just love her eyes and her big ol' hound dog jowls. When she stands on her hind legs and puts her paws on my shoulders...well she nearly knocks me over. She is SO affectionate!

I watered the mules, and wandered about in the snow until it was time to come in and fix some lunch. Hubby is plowing the driveway and if he doesn't stop and yack with my neighbor at the top of the hill, we'll actually make town before all the stores close...

Last but not least here are the comedians putting on another act for me this morning.
I used a shot like this from last year to make a *Muletide* greeting card!

Snow to date this year:
Yep I'm going to try and keep an official count...


  1. You know I'm just dying down here, right? *sigh* It snowed here on December 1, but only lasted about an hour, and it wasn't even an inch.

    You're a lucky dog!

    And Sweetie is adorable!

  2. What a cute dawg! We are expecting snow - but no where near what you had ...or have lol