Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Well my Christmas Day was spent at work.
Now before you all go feeling sorry for me...don't.
[Well okay feel sorry for was -14 degrees and cold when I hit Viroqua]

I had Holiday Pay. Which is like working two days in one if you get my drift.

The family isn't getting together for another week to celebrate anyway. The weather has been awful for traveling, so why even bother?
I don't mean bah humbug.

Gosh, Christmas Eve we did open our gifts from Morris -- you know -- the little Jack Russell.
So kind of him to go shopping for us.
Rich and I sat on the couch with a little pile of gifts between us.

Rich said *I didn't get you anything!*
My reply *I didn't do it was the dog!*
[Easy to blame everything on the dog, right?]

So from Morris, Rich got some bobbers for fishing. He was pleased.
I got a pair of flannel PJ bottoms, I was pleased.

From 'Santa Mule' [I'm thinking Badger?], Morris got 2 chew bones, of which one he ate promptly.

We had a beautiful night together.
Quiet, pleasing, and I listened to music and did my new favorite thing, which is play with a program called Bryce 5.5.

Oh yeah, this was a free download program...
So I played with my computer and my very fun coloring book ...
A very nice Christmas.

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  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Beautifully done! Merry Christmas dear woman. It's always good to read your joyful writings. It was a magical Christmas for me as well.