Sunday, December 28, 2008

Surprise ??? Hmmm

I don't often talk about family here, but I will make a reference to an email I got from a female sibling.
She inquires as to where, when, and the date of my 5k race that I mentioned that I was trying to get in shape for.

She eludes around the fact that she may be interested in running it this summer?
I sent her the link.

However today I did get back to running. Well a different than your average every day running on the road thing.

Running with Morris through the meadow in knee deep crusty snow.
Sure enough, it was tough. But I'm not in as bad a 'running' or 'plodding' shape as I thought I may be.

Hopefully all the hiking I do keeps me in shape so I can actually 'hit' the roads when the roads become safe to run on [they are encased in ice right now].
Poor Morris tried to keep up with me but failed terribly.

He would run about 2 feet and plunge through the crust up to his chin in snow. True to his Jack Russell spirit of not giving up he did follow me.
He really was more interested in all the places that the deer had been digging ...under the scrub apple trees...he was looking at um, deer droppings.
[Jack Russell dining at its finest]

Rich and our neighbor were kind enough to get the driveway plowed. Then kind neighbor spread gravel part of the way down the hill while Rich spread wood ash around our nieghbor's driveway and down our hill so I can get out to work safely.

Both Mr. Neighbor and Rich like their wives going off to 'duty'. She is a deputy sheriff and just a security guard. But the guys love to refer to us as their wives with badges!

See Ed...I AM going to run the 5k, I am not going to back out on it.
So there...


  1. Ummm, is that your driveway there? Whats buried under the snow at the bottom.... did expected company not show??? LOL

  2. That thing buried is an old trailer...LOL on the company. People who know where we live don't usually come to visit b/c of the driveway!!!

  3. I am of the belief, dear friend, that YOU can do anything you set your mind to. A 5K run for you? Easy peasy.