Tuesday, December 02, 2008

To Tree or not to Tree???

Oh my life shouldn't be so quiet. Hmmm, after the grandkids went home I feel sort of at a loss...grandpa does too.

I started picking things up and moving them around today to get prepared to put up the Christmas Tree.
I debated on that.
Do I really want a tree this year?
Where should I put it?
[Oh as if I have a BIG choice in this itty bitty house... ;-)]
Maybe I'd just put some ribbons on my Norway Pine.

Nah, I really DO like putting up the tree, it is just dragging all the stuff out of storage and then putting it away again that is a daunting task.

Well, I like taking pictures of the lovely ornaments I've gotten over the years. I always end up with a beautiful shot or two worthy to put on a Christmas Card.

Sigh. So I moved some things a little here and there. Then just left it unfinished. I'm quite undecided this year.
No, I'm not in a bah humbug mood either.
Just didn't have the umph today to go about doing it.

I'm sure the mood will strike me.
But about 3PM, I decided enough was enough.

I grabbed my camera and Mr. Morris began to leap wildly about. I needed fresh air, that is what I needed. [Morris did too!]

We walked out through the summer meadow staying somewhat close to the ridge top so that we could watch the sun set. I walked to where I could look down into the valley. It looked dark and very cold. The fresh air really put me in much better spirits.

Maybe I should just nipper a little bush and stick it in a pot...do the artsy fartsy thing I've seen in the stores. Bare limbs with ornaments.
Well, it is a thought.

I'll have to sleep on it, I guess.

Oh and I just checked the weather!
3-5 inches of snow coming!
Whoooo Hooo!

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