Saturday, May 27, 2023

Do you wanna go out for coffee?

 ~~ and see an incredible sunrise?

Olive replied ~~ Coffee? Sunrise? I'm down with that!

I picked her up at 4 am and drove  through thick fog.  I parked on a dead end gravel road.

We snapped on our headlamps and I led the way. We chatted and hiked up and up and up the steep trail. When we got to another section, I turned through some trees. I found the footpath and said to Olive, "there you go, we just did the easy part."

She laughed.

15 minutes later, the sky had a predawn glow to it and we walked out on the bluff.

Behind me, Olive gasped. 

Yes. I do too, each time I go to this place.

You can't help it.

The sun began to come over the horizon and we watched a sun pillar. It remained in the sky for a long time.


we sat and had coffee and just listened to the Barred Owls calling and the birds awakening in the foggy forest below us.

We spent about an hour just watching the fog move and reflect the currents of air over the river and through the forests.

And here is a shot of the two of us...yeah, I look like a dork. But who cares???

I feel very odd without my signature baseball cap...

We parked at 900 feet according to the topo map. We had coffee at 1200 feet.

I asked Olive if it was worth getting up at that time.

Her answer: Totally.

Beware if I ever ask you to go 'out' for coffee to watch a sunrise!

We were back home before anyone in either of our households were awake!


  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    If only! I would love to see a sunrise in your beautiful area.
    It looks so magical!
    Take Care,

  2. You really have to be hardy to be your friend!

  3. What a great view! Nice early morning adventure!

    1. It sure was. I love hearing someone's first impression when I take them here.

  4. So wonderful!! I'm up for coffee and I'll even bring some muffins.

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Kudos to you for having such great energy..... Lori

    1. The mornings are nice and cool yet so it was really a nice hike.

  6. What a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing the photos!

    1. Thank you! It was a great adventure.

  7. YAY, what a spectacular hike! Complete with good company, smiles and even a sun pillar!!

    1. I couldn't for the life of me recall what that was called until I got home and looked it up. Duh!
      It sure was a memorable morning!


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