Friday, March 25, 2022

Having an abstract day

This is called a Mandelbulb Fractal. Fun, creative, frustrating and bizarre way to come up with something purely abstract.

Some of these folks that have mastered this program have had their work featured in Guardians of the Galaxy and funky album covers.

I've sold two abstract pieces in all of my time doing these. Not that I advertised, but that folks just thought it strange and weird enough that they wanted one piece on their wall.

I could get lost for hours in Mandelbulb 3D or JWildfire just creating fractals and enjoying what appears.
I tried Bryce 7 but never got along with it much. I sure don't have the skills to work through Blender and some of the other creative programs out there.


Below is purely a random flame I played with the colors and then just it render. It's not meant to be anything other than just doodling with the program. 

The Clone Nursery

Then there is a composite of fractal Flames which I edited in PaintshopPro. 

No names just pretty colors and patterns.

Some days are meant for just messing around and exploring anything not related to the weather or the news.


  1. You make some way cool designs!

    1. It makes for a good distraction on a yucky cold rainy icky day!

  2. Wow, these are uber cool!! I am not an abstract person, but these are awesome. I could see them as illustrations in a sci-fi book ~ or a hanging on a wall. There is so much to look at in each one. Fun imagination!

    1. Thanks. It is a fun distraction on yucky days.


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