Monday, March 28, 2022

All in a Sunday

All week the weather has been pretty darned yucky. Perhaps I got the March blahs?

That beautiful weather we had last weekend spoiled me for the weather we had this past week. Sure I went out and played in the rain one day, but snow and sleet mixed on and off for the rest of the week was just too much bleh for me. The winds howled and icky stuff came down from the grey sky. [How's that for a weather summary?]

I thought a quick trip on Sunday morning to the KVR Ponds would be a great way to chill out after crummy weather.

It was 15 degrees when I walked from the Visitor Center down the steps and over the rock blocks to the valley. I didn't hear much noise. Last time I'd visited during the warm weather, every bird was making a racket. The red wing black birds had been swarming the area.

It was pretty quiet considering that the KVR website had said things were picking up at the ponds early this week. After the past two days of freezing temps the ponds had ice on them again.

Pond Ice:

However, I did find signs of the coming spring.

Pussy Willows:

I found a couple of new spots to 'spy' on the birds, but still was far enough off not to bother them. 

Geese and Sandhill Cranes:

I heard some cranes coming and tried to do a panning motion to catch them in flight. I didn't do so well, but I tried.

Flying Cranes:

Next I saw a group of 10 soaring Turkey Buzzards. Uffdah, they are back which means they will compete with the Eagles for food. 

I was so tickled to see and then get a decent shot of a female cardinal on the way back to the car. I like this shot better than the photos I've gotten of them at our feeder and pine trees.

Female Cardinal:

The biggest surprise was when I thought I saw a Bluejay then I realized it was a Kingfisher! This is the second time in my life I've seen these guys, but I've never really looked before.


I did see Sandhill Cranes and Canada Geese and they were hiding on the far side of the pond in the marsh grasses.

Charlie was happy to see me when I got home....and the other half was doing his morning nap. He says he has to nap to have energy to have lunch.

Charlie was a nag all afternoon. He wanted to get out and hike.

I finally relented and off we went. Charlie was tracking something in the woods and kept stopping to sniff and then chase the scent on the ground as if he were some sort of tracking dog. I only wish I could share in his sense of smell and figure out what it was he was chasing.

He had a lot of pent up energy and I just followed him through the woods.

He did end up leading me to a neat spot with some mossy logs that had more cool lichen on them.

But that is for another time.


  1. Totally with you on this crappy weather of late. Was only 19 when I got up this morning. But, you're doing better than me with getting out and walking. I can't convince myself to do that. I look out the window and grumble. Until the wkend I was at least doing my planks and yoga daily. We've not seen even a hint at sun or blue skies, you've at least got that...been about 6 days I think without here. Go away winter, come back spring. Glad you saw some wildlife though.

    1. I don't mind cold weather, but I have found good gear for hiking and working outside. Going out like that gives me a break from the 4 walls and endless TV shows.
      We have sun today too! And maybe some on Tuesday. But more cold wet stuff coming.
      I need your determination for my Yoga and other exercises!

  2. Yes some crappy weather days after those really nice days, the wind has been so cold. Sounds like Charlie had an aroma adventure! :)

  3. I like that panned shot! Nice that you got the Kingfisher and Cardinal too.
    Charlie made an excellent trail boss.

    1. Thanks, I think I got one good shot out of about 10!

  4. I was going to go outside today, but we had a white out! I am over winter, despite how ow lovely your photos are!

    1. March is one of those months that makes you dislike winter and yearn for spring! It is an in between month!

  5. You found some nice signs of Spring! Even if it hasn't felt much like it lately. The swans you saw are probably hunkered down somewhere in the taller grassy KVR area. I can't wait to see your pics of their cygnets! I learned swans lay eggs late April-early May. Both parents incubate up to seven eggs. Hatching happens late May or early June. I also hope to see cygnets at the big pond that is closer to me.

    How awesome to spot a Kingfisher!! I have never seen one in person.

    1. I've heard that Kingfishers are pretty shy so I was thrilled. I saw one in 2016 while canoeing the Kickapoo River with one of my grandchildren.
      I'm hoping to get back there on Friday. The weather may be nicer too!

  6. I like Charlie. He sounds like a good companion.


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