Thursday, September 30, 2021


I have had this idea for a while. This week I stood with Miss Aurora and we talked about everything under the sun and she mentioned the Wonderland book of portraits that are extremely exotic and beautiful. It is done with models and special lighting effects.

In my head I had a vision of doing some self portraits in woodland settings. I'd done some of that last year when I was out and about with Charlie and Bear.

One of my favorites from last year was sledding with a Teddy Bear and Charlie running alongside us. I used a timer on my pointy shooty camera and set it to 7 shots hoping that one shot would deliver the following.

These are not the same type of photos that the artist Kristy Mitchel has done. But the discussion did rekindle some old ideas I had about self portraits.

I went up into my Magic Room [really, it is a spare bedroom where my paints, crafts, and toys are stored] and looked down at the outfit I'd picked out over a year ago. My intentions were to 'dress' up and take a self portrait in the woods. You know a dreamy shot where I looked beautiful and exotic.

I should know better.
Most people who call themselves a photographer absolutely hate getting in front of the lens. I didn't like it as a kid and liked it less as my face aged. 

What I think I look like in front of a camera...or wished I did:

What I generally look like [in the winter]:

How I feel before coffee in the morning:

And here are two versions I did this morning while having coffee on a knoll overlooking the neighbor's meadow with Bear.
I like the B&W version much better.

I'm not very good at this and it took quite a bit of running back and forth with the timer set. I could use an app on the smarty phone to do it, but I always end up with the damn phone in my hand.

However, this is more me. I'm not gorgeous and dreamy looking. I have a face that has been beat up by the weather and sun. It has amazing wrinkles in it. If I were a man I'd have a gnarly weathered face. 

But see, I am going to be okay with that because really. No amount of makeup will make me look young and dreamy.

So what will my project be? Oh it will change constantly. But I am going to put on the gypsy crazy lady outfit and play dress up. Well, why not? I have to entertain myself.

I won't even try to do those incredible artistic shots. Those were someone else's vision. I want one of my own.

I'm going to work on the Bear and I stuff too. I really like doing things with Bear.

off I go

to do my own thing.

You never know what I will come up with.


  1. Wow! I actually thought you captured the same place IN WINTER! Very cool. I bet the kids would have a blast at your place exploring the forest.

    1. It is pretty amazing how different a photo can look when turned to black and white!

  2. That photoshopped photo of the model with "smooth skin and sharp eyes" isn't the real her ~ but you are the real you! Even with the crazy mask lol. Your photos (self or otherwise) are uniquely your style and vision. Keep doing your thing, cuz it's great!!

    1. That crazy mask is for the grocery store don't you think? LOL, people would run! I got it for a decoration, but it is crazy fun. I will find uses for it.

  3. :) That is some mask! You need one of those glam shots! Where someone does the hair and makeup, and you wear something one time cause it is uncomfortable :) Heck I would have to borrow some clothing as I wear comfy clothing most all the time you know ...nothing special:)

    1. I actually did a hair and makeup self thing. Not much makeup because I don't own much other than some old lipstick and some old eyeshadow from a gazillion years ago.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!