Tuesday, September 14, 2021

What next?

Our health department just posted a new Public Service Announcement notifying county residents that the small local hospital has twice now had to divert patients. The ER has been full along with all the beds. I think it was interesting that our tiny local paper didn't pick up that story. I don't want to be an alarmist, but there it is in plain language.

We had a 2 hour drive to the Mad-City VA yesterday and even though I usually hate the drive, it was a nice break from hanging around the farm and staring at the same walls each day.

We even had a picnic in the car on the way back home after we ordered food from Culvers. The good news is that ENT has released him from any more follow ups for his throat cancer. The doctor said he was marked as a survivor.

The ENT doctor also insisted that he get to see his Primary Doctor since she hasn't seen him for nearly two years. Last year, her check up was by phone and even though he was doing better last year, his health has declined since then and he needs a reassessment. 

Other changes are occurring too. I'm going in a different direction than working out at the gym or doing Virtual Workouts at home. I tried that routine and was fairly successful at it but when the outdoor temps dropped way below zero, I lost interest in trying to work out in the shed.

This morning I did a 20 minute Beginners Yoga session with a YouTube video instructor. I am a real skeptic and always thought Yoga was not a real workout or thing. 
After the 20 minutes, my back, hips, and shoulders felt great as well as my mental attitude and how was that even possible?

I followed that up with a morning walk to the ridge and back just to see how it felt and I think I had more clarity and focus to start my day.

Yoga? Pilates? My son said try Pilates if you want pain! 

My next goals? More of the same. Strength, balance, endurance, and a new addition. Mindfulness and inner calm.

If this mornings events are any indication ... it will be a win win for me through the fall and winter.

It is very refreshing to go away and take a break,
to clear your head,
and just get into something else.

~Francois Nars


  1. Yeah for having a good outlook! Do whatever works for you!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the hospital in your area. It is a very scary thing for those of us who have health issues. Our hospital sent out a warning that they are at 85% capacity. There are 439 Covid-19 patients who with the exception of 2 are unvaccinated. At this point it is hard not to get angry. Someone can get sick and be turned away from a hospital because someone else chose to be irresponsible.

    1. Yet those who refuse the vaccination refuse to see it that way. I am concerned of course for the obvious reasons.
      Thank you for stopping in.

  3. Glad you got favorable news & had a good visit to the big-little city. Kudos to you for going with the flow. Pun intended. Pilates and Yoga have similarities, you'll see. Yoga outside is the best of both worlds. Imagine, being at a lookout...breath in...exhale sloooowly...

  4. I'm going to look for another lookout that is supposed to be much less known I hope to find it!
    I'm taking coffee for another morning at the rock on the 21st if the weather is good.

  5. I miss the stretching we did in the Army. Say what you want, the Army certainly kept you physically fit. I really shoudl sretch before our morning jog/ bike ride, but.. who has time for that? ( hehe.. ) Enjoy the Yoga. I heard that was a form of torture years ago, but they trained to resist it. Or something.

    1. Thank you, it so far is not torture but is great if you can do it without distractions and it feels like meditation and stretching at the same time!