Friday, September 10, 2021

Kicking my butt and road walking

I had my first Shingles vaccine shot and it kicked my butt for about 12 hours. I mean it kicked like a mule. 

By mid afternoon I felt somewhat human and my headache was going away. I grabbed Charlie and decided it was a nice day for a walk on the back roads. It gave me a chance to look at what I suspected was the Witch Hazel tree/bush and see if any trees on our ridge were turning colors.

When we switched from our township to Kickapoo township, there was more gravel on the road and Charlie seemed like his feet bothered him. We stopped for a few breaks along the way so he could get a drink of water. I carried him through the worst of the sharp gravel. 

It was nice though to walk on the ridge and then down into the valley. We are densely forested here so I don't often get to see wide open spaces unless I am driving somewhere.

These two shots are about a mile from our place. There is a tree line on the horizon in the above shot. That is where our dead end road stops. I walk there often in the summer to watch the sun come up.

I was happy they planted soybeans this year, I don't have to stand on a ladder to see the horizon!

The nasty dog came charging out on Charlie and I. I had picked Charlie up and sprayed the gravel road between us and the dog with pepper spray. Nasty Dog turned and ran back home. I hope the dog relates anyone walking by to that nasty horrid smell. Time will tell. Note, I did not spray the dog, I sprayed the gravel between us...

Other than that, our walk was relaxed and pretty nice. I brought my tree book and took some time looking at different trees.

I'm pretty darned sure that this is Witch Hazel! I found two of them!

This one is...I don't know.

More Bittersweet. I found three more places this was growing.

Wild Grapes. Wow have those nasty Beetles done a job on them.

The black walnut trees were literally bending over with walnuts as were the Bitternut Hickory trees. The apple trees were nearly barren and the Box Elders were yellowing and looking old and worn out.

I actually didn't take photos of trees I guess. It looks like I took photos of bushes that were interesting.

When we got down near the Black Bottom creek bridge we turned around. Down in one of the steep areas off Riley road, we heard a coyote barking. Pretty haunting. 

I fell in love with the rocks and ferns as we trudged back uphill to the ridge.

Our walk was long, it took us nearly two hours. The up and down hill portion of the walk is an elevation change of 200 feet each way. I knew it was steep but had no idea as I'd always driven it. If you fall off the road on one side there is a 50 foot drop to the bottom of a gully.

So I do avoid this road on snowy and icy days. But it is a beautiful walk.

Charlie was worn out when we got home and as I packed my backpack this morning he is giving me the stare with wide eyes. 


  1. Nice walk! Sorry your Shingles shot kicked your did me too. Best be prepared with food and groceries and no appts for the next one. Shingles is Dad has them from time to time and really suffers. Seems once you get them you get them easily. Do you have a plan for witch Hazel?

    1. I generally have groceries that will last us for a while. I plan on doing a large shopping next week again and stocking up.
      No plans for the Witch Hazel, I just want to see its exotic flowers!

  2. Looks like that one could be pin cherry?

    1. Thanks for that! I will check it out!
      Pin Cherry or Black Cherry? The have some labeled at KVR, I should go look at it.

  3. The field shot looks like my Background for Windows.