Monday, August 02, 2021

Who turned the calendar page?

 ...and other funny things.

First, the weather Sunday was incredible.

And then the miracle things began to happen. I pulled everything off the bed for fresh sheets [you know, the usual things I do]. I stepped outside to toss the light blanket on a ladder on the porch for it to air out in the nice fresh air.

When I got back inside, Rich was putting the sheets on the bed.
Wait. Stop. 
I was stunned and shocked but didn't faint or fall over. 
He fed Charlie ... because feeding him would require me to bend over even though I showed him how excellent I am at squatting [Thank you CrossFit!]  

I spent part of the day messing around with crafty stuff and I even made a handmade card that I cut out of cardstock and designed. 
I'm not very good at it. However it feels nice to 'make' something while I am supposedly behaving myself. The dried flower is Fleabane and I dried it using the microwave 'method'. I sprayed it with fixative and glued it to the card.
Not the prettiest. But it was a good experiment. 

My mess. I really just got stuff out and messed around with no real plan in mind.

Drying a green dyed Queen Anne's Lace with stem intact!

The photo below is of microwaved flowers with 90% of the moisture removed.  I'll press them for another week before I figure out what I might do with them. I like Aurora's suggestion of putting them on a skull! 
These would look cool inside a clear Christmas ornament?

August 1st. Time for the Orb Weaver Spiders to appear!

And this morning Charlie and I snuck out with the super duper long lens in hopes of seeing deer or some sort of cool things right at dawn.

Doing the happy dance!

This is a non typical buck, he has 5 points. The lens is soft at 300mm, but I am not a pro, I'm just happy to be able to 'get' these shots.
I actually stood for a long time and watched him graze here and there. He looked up a few times but never spooked.

We waited until he went back into the woods to leave. Charlie was very quiet and stayed with me. He was more interested in digging a hole for some reason. 

In case you are wondering, I still have those funky brown spots floating about. Looks like someone tossed coffee grounds in my peripheral vision and a brown bubble in the center of my eye. 

I spent most of the rest of Sunday resting with my eyes closed and listening to music.
I will not be a good patient if I can't at least take walks.

One last piece of advice. Don't google a diagnosis. It could scare the shit out of you. But you know I did it.

Hopefully I will not be banned from taking photos. 
Update later, tators!


  1. Yes men can change sheets too!! And feed dogs:)
    Hope you trip into the Eye Doctor was good, with instructions of what to do and not do for the next couple of weeks.

    1. Ha ha! Instructions were sort of vague like ... use common sense. Hiking and walking are okay lifting huge weights is not for right now. Follow up in a month with my regular doctor in town.

  2. I think most lenses are soft when fully extended, or at least mine are. I am not very crafty, but there is something to be said for creating with ones hands. You did good with your experiments. I think it's great that Rich is pitching in more!! Hope you got some answers at your appointment. Thinking of you!

    1. I am still happy with the lens because I feel the shots were decent enough just for my enjoyment. Yes, Rich seems to be more animated now that he is needed!