Sunday, August 08, 2021


Yesterday morning, the sky was interesting when the light started to appear in the sky. Ichecked the weather and apparently we were due for some storms on and off during the day.

I jumped in the 'Ru and took off to the ridge. I wanted to have some 'fun' with the Infrared camera as well as see a nice clear sky without smoke. Clouds and fog would add to the interest.

I parked and decided to walk up the road, that is until I heard the booming to the west.

I figured I had a bit of time before the storm would hit. So I hoped for a shot of some sun. I got fog.

I decided to head home. I didn't want to get caught in the storm and I knew Charlie would be having a fit if he could hear the thunder.
And then I saw the sun as the rain hit in big fat drops.

This became the start of a very long day of endless rounds of storms, lighting, thunder, and a quaking dog.

Thankfully, we were not hit by the rain like others were. 

Grabbed from VernonReportersPost on FB:

Because of the unique way our watersheds are situated, the intense rains were washed into other valleys and we were pretty much spared. Coon Valley, Chaseburg, and Avalanche were not however. Roads closed quickly outside of Viroqua as the flood waters drained down the hillsides and rushed towards the Kickapoo.

We got a total of 2 + inches in 24 hours. A tornado touched down in Boscobel and blew apart some buildings. Thank goodness no one was hurt. LaCrosse got nailed too.

This morning we had another round. Charlie got me up just as he was able to hear thunder in the distance. Other than being soggy around here right now, things are quiet for the moment. The storms may stay north of us which is good for us but bad for those in its path.

It looks like it might be a good day to stroll through the trails and see what the heat, rain, and humidity brought out. That is besides the skeeters.

Stay safe.
For those interested, the mighty muddy Kickapoo is quickly rising and doing its thing. The quiet little river always is ignored until a big hard rain. Then it reminds us just how powerful water can be.


  1. Wow you sure got rain! Wish we would get some! Awesome sky photos! Yes you will be on the skeeter bandwagon now. :)

  2. Last weekends weather was crazy. Looks like we are in for a few more days. Glad you are out of the main water flow. I can't even imagine, the destructive thought always wander to helpless animals. There have been a few trees down in our general area, but nothing major. Nice photo with the corn in the foreground! I like shooting that way, altho do very little of it these days. The older I get the harder it is to get up!

    1. That shot of the sun was pure luck, it started raining and I was on the way home when I saw some pink. I rolled down the window and took a chance on the shot.
      Often the deer and other critters let you know bad weather is coming by how they act.
      haha on not getting up. The older I get ... the earlier I get up! Weird right?

    2. I was as clear as mud and should clarify my comment "the older I get the harder it is to get up". Whenever I take photos of foreground stuff in focus with blurred backgrounds, I seem to be kneeling and close to the ground. Totally missed the fact that corn is tall right now, and in your shot you were probably not near the ground. Duh!!

      I actually wake up fairly early these days, 5am today but usually closer to 6. That is probably late for you. Anywho, I was referring to getting up off the ground. I think waking up earlier is fairly common with age. Sorry for the confusion.

    3. I think you mentioned getting up and down when we hiked but you seemed to be able to deal with it fairly well!
      That place we parked? Those roads were under water last night!

      Haha on the early confusion. No problem. Stay cool tommorrow!