Thursday, August 12, 2021

Finding Things

...In nature....

In the shot below there is an aphid on the stem just below the bee. Not sure it you can see it unless you click on the photo and it appears larger.

Possibly a Long Horned Bee

This is a Tussock Caterpillar on a
Milkweed leaf.
They look rather fearsome.
But they are also 
referred to as a Wooly
Bear Caterpillar.

This is what we call a ground nut plant. 
Leaves of three, but not to leave it be!
American Hog Nut Plant.
It blossoms in August.

Apparently you can actually eat the seeds from the pod once they are dried out. I'm not sure I'd collect them all, but it might be interesting just to take a few this year to see how tiny they are!

Maidenhair Fern branch. This is one of my favorite ferns,
the shape of the plant is rather beautiful and distinct. 

They are starting to fade now and die off.  The photo below is from a few years ago.

Bracken Fern.
Boy that is not a fancy name for how pretty this 
fern is as it readies itself for fall. I love the colors.

Mystery fungi or
Slime Mold?
It is considered Dog
Sick Slime Mold
or Dog Vomit Slime
Or a scientific name:
Mucilago crustacea

No name for this one. 
I just thought it was 

It caught my eye and I literally had to get down to get a look at it. That is a blade of grass behind it. It was still damp from the fog and morning dew.

This is perhaps a Lycoperdon perlatum.
Fun preferred names are Wolf Fart, 
Devil's Snuff Box, 
and gem studded puff ball.

I do enjoy finding the wee things in the forest and pasture and then trying to figure out what they are is a delight also.
Sort of like a Treasure Hunt.

I'll be out again tonight watching the stars. The Perseids were kind of cool and I had fun sitting out with a large mug of coffee watching the stars.

More treasures coming. I didn't want to bore anyone with Treasure overload.

Shots taken with my pocket camera and my Oly and 30mm macro lens. 


  1. I loved your photos! Very interesting finds! :) Thanks for a reminder about the Persids!

  2. The recent rainfall lent itself to a lot of 'shroomies!! It was fun looking for them. Our neighbor had a gigantic white dinner plate mushroom growing in his yard. Those "Wolf Fart" (who the hell names these?!!) mushrooms were suddenly growing just about everywhere on our land. I did a short walk today, there are still a few. That Bracken Fern is pretty! Reminds me of Japanese ferns, but with golden colors. Beautiful light on the Maidenhair Fern close-up. I love your treasure finds!!

    1. Thank you. You are pretty kind! I think the fungi have been drying up.
      Haha. I love some of the common names!