Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Early Mornings

Friday morning was incredible. Although I wish everyone had planted soybeans instead of corn. Corn gets to be sOOOO tall! And I am SOOOO short! Getting a good shot of the ridge is hard.
This was pre dawn. 
Charlie and I wandered up our gravel road and pretty much did a daydream walk. I dreamt about life, possibilities and ...well, how hot is was and how many skeeters wanted to EAT me even on the road.

I'd lie if I said that Covid B*tch Delta wasn't on my mind and how would IT affect us through this next fall and winter. Last year it was a challenge to be met and to be dealt with. This year, it feels like a real drag. 
Having a spouse that would be negatively affected by any virus or bacteria makes things feel a bit more concerning.

But on to other things. Fog.
It is that time of year.
I missed getting out for the full moon rise but managed to grab a not so interesting shot of it on Saturday night.

I couldn't sleep past 3:30 am, so I got up made some coffee, filled a bottle of water, and headed off into the night by 4:30. 

The drive was super foggy and a few times I stopped for deer in the road. The drive during the day is about 30 minutes. Add night time fog and there is another dimension of s..l..o..w... . But it was actually better to drive that twisted river road on a Sunday morning because there was absolutely no traffic to contend with.

The hike and climb take about 15 minutes in the dark. Slowing down for the deer put me behind schedule and I just about missed the moon setting over the bluff to the west. 

The view from the bluff was amazing. 
Yes, I brought coffee and Rabbit and Bear.

Sometimes you just have to share these magical moments.

Remember Bear
I am always 
Here for you

And then the magic happened all at once.

I made it home before the other half woke up. 

I really cherish those few hours in the morning I have to myself. It seems like it is the only time I get to regroup and face the oncoming challenges of the day.



  1. Awesome pictures.

  2. WOW! Great shots! Love the bunny and bear. It looks like a post card. I wish I could capture the moon like that, as the moon rise is better than the sunrise in our area. (Also, we tend to miss the sunrise unless we are going to a race.)

    1. I live in a hollow so I always have to walk, bike, or drive to my ridge to see the sun come up and then in the winter I can go back home and watch it come over the hilltop!
      I am an early person, hubby is not so it works out.
      Thank you for the compliment.
      Rabbit & Bear are two of my favorites.

  3. And you captured some magical moments! I grab those moments late night after everything has settled down for the day my husband is a early riser. I need those quiet moments to stay saner...I am certain you need them too! I wonder too about what the winter will hold...good thing a hermit life style suits us....because we may need to stick by ourselves. I hope the hospital doesn't cancel procedures Gene is scheduled for Thursday...keep your fingers crossed. Hope you and Charlie are having a good week:)

    1. I was wondering when you had time for yourself. Certainly we need those Me Times.
      I actually get pretty grumpy when he gets up early! :)

  4. I have to admit, I read the line "the magic happened all at once..." and thought to myself, the magic looked like it was happening all along. Beautifully captured morning! I could "get lost" in any of your photos, they are stunning!! Glad Rabbit & Bear kept you company. I didn't realize they were so small. For some reason, I thought they were larger. Love how Rabbit is looking at Bear, with attentive ears.

    The mosquitos are making up for not being around earlier this summer. I tried to walk the woods this morning. We did one short loop, between the humidity and the blood suckers. I sprayed myself, but they still got me and were allll over Jameson. Not fun.

    I have never experienced fog like I have since moving north of the river. The fog & the clouds are different, just sayin' Wish I had it in me to get out and enjoy solo, like you do. I've missed your posts, and photos. Thanks for sharing your unique views <3

    1. Thanks, when I lived near Lake Michigan we had a lot of fog blow in but it wasn't like this at all. This stuff is magic!

      The skeeters are nasty and swarming! I'll have to post a photo of my selfie with the head net on. You might laugh, but I was able to take a walk through the woods, but did NOT stay long.
      I do solo because no one is crazy enough to go with me!

      :) Thanks.