Wednesday, August 18, 2021

We take this time for a brief intermission


The Subaru needed new tires. One had a very slow leak and honestly, the tread was getting down.

I knew between mounting balancing, and the alignment, it would be a while. I was able to walk to my favorite public park. LaCrosse Riverside Park along the Great Mississippi. I love to walk through the International Friendship Garden. It is free to wander about in and sit on any of the benches. 

The photo above is the entrance to the garden and the first one you can walk into is the oriental garden. Each section of the garden has a Sister City Garden. There are beautiful sculptures hidden away and little fountains along with amazing plants. Volunteers plant the annuals and maintain the gardens. [OH be still my heart! What if I lived close to it! I'd be out working in it for sure!]

Let's not forget the Pelican! A variety of these were placed along a walkway for a few years. This past year, they were all auctioned off except this one. I loved them all and would have loved to have something like this in my yard. Right? Though perhaps a dragon would be a lot cooler.

I walked from one end of this long park to the other end to the base of the bridge.

I didn't get the photos of all the cool statues placed around, but this is one of my favorite ones. Kids in period clothes waving to the River Boats with their dog. The dog is facing back apparently distracted by something else. I spent a lot of time looking at them and thinking about what this city must have been like in the early 1900's.

People donate $ and have bricks interlaid in walk ways which commemorate loved ones. I watched people searching for names in different areas. Others photographed bricks with their phones.

Next time I visit I'll have to find all the cool statues and try and photograph them.

On my way back I noticed little poems embedded in the sidewalks here and there.

If you can't read this poem it says:

Pie Eaters

When I liked pie, I used to lie.
I'd lie about pie.
Why do I lie?
Hey, It's my friend, Ty.
Hey, Ty want some pie?!

Elijah Age 9

Monday was a nice day. 
And really? LaCrosse's Riverfront is a pretty neat place. I do like walking around the whole downtown and just observing.


  1. I agree. The sculpture of the children waving and dog looking back is thoughtful. I often wonder about the farm that was here before they bought the land and built a housing tract (where I live). I could find out a lot if I chose to. But sometimes it is very sobering to think of the past that was.

    1. I have the abstracts for this area where we live that date back to before the Civil War. I don't recall where I put it now, but it was interesting that the land was first settled as Land Claims.

  2. I've been to Lacrosse multiple times for hockey & visits. Brad has relatives that live there. We always seem to have an agenda when we go. I've never heard or seen this park. Very nice, great art. Thanks for sharing it's beauty!

    1. OHHH, you would like Myrick park and the Riverside park just to name two places.

    2. No doubt. I know the Lacrosse area has great hiking too, with beautiful vistas. I worked with someone that went to school there and drooled over her pics.

  3. Looks like a great place to explore! Yeah for new tires! Now you should be set for a bit!

    1. Yes those tires are grippy! They will last longer than the cheap ones they had on the car when we bought it.