Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Frigid Farrier Fence

So I was looking for words that described my day yesterday. It was Farrier Day here. I convinced Rich to get out and visit with Dan and Danny. Son and father Farriers. The father is licensed as an international farrier and he is not your fly by night type of guy. We had a lot of those around here in the past. 

Let's just say a good farrier is worth his weight in gold. No hoof, no horse right? 
No pictures of us working. I am the mule getter and catcher... along with the mule holder and groom while all of the trimming is going on. 

Rich had a great visit and actually stayed out and talked to the guys for almost an hour. We consider that a huge feat. There have been a few times that Dan and Danny have driven out just to visit with Rich when he was recovering from his stroke and Pulmonary Emboli. We have learned a deep appreciation for each other. 

With the trimming done, I decided a good cold day would be perfect for picking up the electric line from the 'line' fence. I'd put hot wire up when we had Dexter cattle in the woods. They were great for cleaning the woods but did not respect 4 strand barbed wire fences. The photo below is of our fenceline with reverse insulators. This half of the fence belongs to my neighbor to maintain. This is actually pretty good compared to the portion of fence I need to keep hot wires to keep my mules in and HIS cattle out on the south pasture. There is maybe one rusted wire. IF I was really young, I'd hire someone to come in and redo all the line fences and then send half the bill to the neighboring properties.

But I am not and I won't be spending the next 20 years here. So I repair areas to keep my critters safe and the neighbor critters out. This barbed wire is not something horse owners really want as a fence. However, if you look at the fencing you will see that there literally is no reason for my mules to try and eat on the other side of the fence.

The only danger I've ever had from hardwire fences is that we had two young champion jumping mules.
Opal and Fred were first in their height classes for Coon Jumping.
Here is a sample:

That is Opal. 
There is a poor video of her jumping Here
Fred is 35 and doesn't jump anymore. He will respect hot wire and that was the only way I could keep him in at one time. He would simply jump into the neighbor's grassy pasture and eat and then when he was done, he'd jump over the fence and join the other mules. Mules who Jump bump the fence first to check its height, then they step back and leap it like a deer. Hot wire keeps them from checking it out. Though Fred was our escape artist and once upon a time took 4 other mules on a walk about with him. 

I have a couple more connections to make out in the woods and then the woodland pasture fences will be set up again.

I do miss the donkeys who were experts at stripping all the multi flower rose bushes. 

I had an odd message on our answering machine. A guy called and wanted to know if Rich still had mules and he was looking for a 'good' one. I need to call him back.

No we don't have any for sale. We sold off all of our stock mules/horses/donkeys and cattle after Rich's health took a dive.

I have Mica and Fred ... very retired Senior Mules.  Sunshine and Siera are my riding pals. Mica has equine COPD with heart issues so she just is here living the Life. Fred is 35 and is here because he is Rich's first mule and he attended our wedding as Best Mule. 

Okay, I went way off track. 

No fencing jobs today. These old hands hurt like the dickens in the cold. 

This is what most of our fencing looks like:


  1. Fixing fence is no easy job especially when it is cold out. I see you are greening up some!! Good to hear that Rich was out visiting!!

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy day. So great that Rich got out for a visit.

  3. A busy good kinda day, well except for cold achy hands. So great that Rich got out to socialize, it is good for everyone. I didn't realize there was a discipline for jumping mules. I know little to nothing about mules, but makes sense depending on bloodlines. Like any equine. Are you riding Opal in your blog cover photo?

    1. Yes, that is me on Opal. I went for the crazy look with my shirt and hat that didn't match my saddle blanket. I think I'd gone out for a ride on Memorial Day Weekend and was goofing off. I don't even recall who took that photo. It was on my One Mule Parade Route though.

    2. It is a great photo!!