Monday, April 05, 2021


 The Ghost Dragon

The Jungle Dragon and the Forest Dragon.
They kind of look upset!

Happy Dragons
these are cute!

Grumpy is my favorite Dragon. 

But at least Grumpy 
hangs out with other critters.

It was a weird Monday. Hours on the phone on hold with a Government institution. However I should note that Mondays are not good days to call. 

A message that was pre-recorded mentioned this entity was now processing mail from February 9th. Ohh.

My stuff was due in 6 weeks. Hmm. I'd mailed it in March. Sooooooooo....

It was not in their data base and there was this little form that had to be filled out too. I asked why they hadn't mailed it to me in the original letter? 

And the somewhat stiff and nearly grumpy guy said he was sure it had come out. ~~ Insert a nod of the head and a roll of my eyes ~~

They would send it again. Expect it in 7 to 10 days. Then fill it out and if I mail it back in 7 to 10 more days. Or Fax it.

I'll cut to the chase. I downloaded the form I needed. Ran to town to get ink for the old printer. Filled out all the paperwork and drove back to town to FAX it. 

That took me nearly all day. 

But I got 'er done. 

I hope they open their Faxes faster than process their mail!

I wanted to lose my temper but that would not have helped anyone.

So why the dragons? 
Oh heck, I don't know. Why not?

For a few minutes tonight to chill out my day, I grabbed my redhead and rode her around the pasture bareback. She wanted out the gate. No pics. I was currying the fuzzy monsters when I took a notion to bring out her bridle. Uffdah. The mule hair all over my jeans! I could have made a comforter from it!


  1. Sometimes you just gotta stay with "it" to get 'er done. Check!! Great dragon pics, Grumpy made me smile. All our equine are getting their shed on with the warmer weather. Funny how their excess hair sticks to us, and not them.

  2. The Dragons look the part on the moss. Pretty cool.

  3. Frustrating day for you...hope the Fax got their attention! I hate govt phone days as it takes all one is doing their job anymore. :( I like Grumpy Dragon the best too...I can imagine him fire breathing on someone!

  4. Playing with toy dragons sounds like a perfect way to return to center after dealing with paperwork. :) Stay out of ghost dragons way, he is on the move and traveling fast by the looks of his arm swing. Or maybe it's her arm swing and she's off to 'get 'er done'. :)

    1. Hahahah! The ghost dragon got into it with a lost and found Dinosaur! Pics another day.