Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mule Asthma Attack Again?


Yesterday was an extremely bad day. He had a sever asthma attack.
I went to where he stood and he was wheezing, respiration 60+.

Administered Albuterol oral.
Began a steriod treatment like last March.

Moved him closer to the house.

I talked with Badger.
He told me many things.
[you don't have to believe if you don't want...but he did]
My world shook for a while, but I do know at some point he will not survive another attack and he wishes me to be there for him.

Went for a walk and screamed at the woods telling Mother Nature it was just un-freakin' fair.
Sat down and tried to cry.

So I hiked and took beautiful shots to remind me that this world is indeed beautiful.

Now for the pleasant.
Strider's eye:

Westby Church, I've never shot an HDR of a church before:

This morning Badger is doing well. He as acclimated to being with Sundance and Eddie in our pen close to the house.


  1. Sigh. I'm sorry, Val. :(

  2. Well writing about it helps the grieving process. It hurts, but I have to prepare for the eventual outcome.

    Thank you Christina.

  3. That is so sad but at least you can prepare yourself a little this way. But still such an awful thing to have to go through. I never knew animals had asthma, but my hubby has it and have seen him through a few really bad attacks!

  4. It is actually called ROA or Equine COPD.
    His lungs are scarred from lung disease and sometimes he has an 'attack' usually when there is a temperature change that is drastic.
    Dust? Molds? Not exactly sure what triggers it.

    Winter was a bit easier on him.
    I keep holding on for hope.

  5. Many blessings for Badger...such a brave soul. Strength to you too Val~

  6. I know that Badger has been your soul mate of the mule world. It's a very tough step to take, that step we eventually have to take for them. I'm so sorry that he had this recent episode, and I too will hope for better days ahead for him..
    Back here on our little farm in Colorado I still have the "hole" dug for Polly. It's been a year and a half since the vet filled the syringe, and then we changed our minds and hauled her to New Mexico to the vet. I've been thankful for every day as long as she remains happy. It's pure superstition, but I just know if I have that hole filled in, that she will relapse... but then that's the conversation that I have had with Polly. Nothing wrong with those conversations!
    My heart understands yours.


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