Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunshine and Sunset

I fully intended on taking Siera out for a short 'first' ride of Spring, but lo and behold, it was Sunshine who came to the gate and stood with quiet expectant eyes.

I'd been brushing the mules in the 'pen' for a few days now, so I suppose she was expecting a grooming.
She volunteered and seemed a bit surprised that I saddled her up also.
Our last ride had been August 23 of last year. [Sunshine in August]
Badger came to the gate of his pen and gave me a look of sadness and brayed softly, then stood quietly watching. [Yes, this ritual of the March ride has always fallen to him...]

Note: We don't usually trim the mane's off until the weather settles into a milder pattern. Usually by April everyone gets a nice tidy trim.
Sunshine is Badger's little half sister out of my first owned horse Cheyanne who by the way is still creaking along despite the predictions by the veterinarian.

Sunshine was a bit apprehensive about walking off away from the farm as she has been with the herd all winter long.
We dipped into the woods and when she bellied up [seriously...snow up to her belly~~she is 13.5 hands] in a snow drift ...she merely sighed and refused to go further into the snow.
Smart mule.
Smarter than me of course.

We rode up to the ridge and sat quietly and watched the sunset through the trees, then rode home.

Short ride, but enough to make me feel good inside.

For those curious about her bridle, she normally rides with a snaffle. The bit she is wearing could be harsh in harsh hands. But when riding solo, you do need brakes and she doesn't have brakes in a snaffle during a dash through the woods.
A quick lift of the reins and a whoa with this and we avoid run ins with trees.
99% of the time she is an angel.
There is no circle or emergency one rein stop on a 10% grade hill with rocks and trees.

Anyway we had a wonderful quiet evening.
I hope Siera will come on Wednesday evening. If not, Sunshine and I'll go for another Sunset Ride.


  1. She's a beauty. I'd be a little apprehensive myself if I hadn't been out on the trail since last year. :) hehe Glad Mr. Badger is still hanging in there.

  2. Most of the mules I've raised have more common sense than I do.
    This little red molly was born literally in my lap.

    She of course has her moments as do all equine!


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