Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

I hear the expression "March Madness" each year.
It really refers to the men's NCAA basketball tournament.

I think they are very wrong.
It should refer to March weather.

In the day time temps can rise to the 40's and 50's or perhaps even higher.
It can snow six inches one day and melt off the next.

The winds can howl up to 50 mph, blowing anything that is not tacked down to another county.
The next morning you awaken to an incredibly beautiful morning of fog and hoar frost.
[Beautiful if you are not driving in it.]

It is the mud season.
Chores have to be done before it gets warm out as any bare spot exposed to the sun will instantly turn into a muddy quagmire that can suck your chore boots right off your feet.
If you are using a tractor or skid steer when the ground goes soft, you may just have to leave it there until it dries out or freezes.

This is the time of year that the 'boot bucket' emerges in front of our house.
Feet are rinsed before they come in the back door.

You get the urge to clean the entry way rugs, then think better of it and just shake the mud off them and put them back.
It is March Madness after all.


  1. Oh mud! I hear you....though it's not nearly as bad here in NC! :)

  2. In places the snow in the woods is still 3 ft deep and the frost is coming out of the ground which makes everything mush... = lots of mud!


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