Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I'm ready for Spring

I really do like winter and have enjoyed it very much this year.

However it is now March and I am ready for a warming trend, not this Winter Storm Watch 'stuff' that is being shown on the NOAA.

I want to be able to hike the woods and not walk on snow pack or fall through the snow pack...or slide down a ravine because of the ice under the snow.

[That was quite a ride! Morris was amused, I was not. But no harm was done!]

The mules and horses are starting to lose their winter coats. Although it can't be due to the increased amount of sunshine, because our days have seemed to be mainly dreary.

I'm actually quite anxious to get out and get some riding done. I always promise myself that I'll do more winter riding.
...and each winter it seems that the cold and the ice keep me from riding.

Time to get out and get moving.
I wonder what cool things await us in the Forest today.

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  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Hi Val, Love your pictures! TR from American Trailriders group.


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