Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dreary Days = Fun in Photoshop

First there was a 'need' to 'create' something wild and crazy. I had a comment on this creation that it was nicely thought out or something to that effect.
In truth?

I just started playing around with brushes and fractals, moving the layers, adding something, deleting it, trying 'this' look and 'that' look.

I used the crack brush, a smashing brush [deleted it], stars, different odd lighting and a nebulae backround that didn't come through right because I mistakenly moved that layer below another layer and added a black canvas size. To my surprise, I felt it just looked right and quit.
Then later on that evening, I decided that it had been way too long since I'd done something called OOB or Out of Bounds. Tutorial here OOB Tutorial on Flickr.

I thought it would be fun to have Morris in on that and that he and the stream appear to be coming out of the frame.
I enjoyed it.
I'm looking forward to trying to create something newer now.
Of course great ideas come while you are driving to work or trying to get to sleep.

I'll have to do a review of Apophysis 7X. Right now I'm still exploring it. I find it much more intriguing than the previous form of Apophysis. Although I'm not ready to give that program up yet.

On another note. Those who follow along who want to know how my mule is doing. He has been holding his own, he is being weaned off the steriods and seems to be comfortable.

The jury is out on his riding capabilities, but he will go on mild easy slow rides if he is able to. After all he must stay exercised.

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