Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Apophysis 7X ~ Review of a Fractal Renderer

I've spoken before about Fractals and different freeware programs. I've had great luck with them and have used a program called Apophysis for quite a few years. Unfortunately, due to my lack of skills or frustration levels, I never could seem to do much with them except make interesting patterns.

So I decided to try a combination of both a fractal made by Apophysis 7X and some simple backround filters that work in any Adobe Photoshop program with a Flaming Pear Flood plugin.

Oh I couldn't resist making it a bit complicated you know.

Opened a blank canvas in Elements.
[black and white for backround]
Filter>Pixelate>Mazzotint>Short Strokes

Filter>Blur>Radial Blur>Zoom
copy layer
Filter>Distort>Twist [in the opposite direction]

Choose colors for each layer.

Drop in a fractal from Apophysis 7X

Edit colors as you wish.

Filter>Flaming Pear>Flood

Flaming Pear is not free, but there are other freeware programs and Adobe Filters that can imitate this.

Other quick graphic edits:
Bubble Fractal

Fire Fly Dance:

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  1. Geri B.12:10 AM


    You should seriously sell these prints on Etsy! Way cool!!!


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