Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ice Falls

The month of March creates an uneasiness in me.
A sort of a wanderlust feeling.
The days grow warmer and longer.

I feel like the weather ought to snap into full blown Spring.

I am impatient.
I can be really impatient with other people at this time of year.

I am however patient with animals [and generally kids].

The woods call to me, the hills, hidden caves, water, ice, mud, and snow.
It is all very fascinating.
...and I feel comfortable in that environment.

I think if I could, I'd stay in the woods until dark. But if I don't come back in a reasonable time frame ...
someone gets worried that I'm injured or lost.
Do I look lost?
Nope, I felt great.
I felt like a pioneer.
...and I knew that I was the only human within a 1 mile radius.

...and I knew that I was seeing some of nature's most spectacular displays of art and beauty~~

The Ice Falls.


  1. The ice falls take my breath away. And to think that some people spend every day commuting to work and the only ice they see is in their evening cocktail! Impatient or not, you have a very diverse life, and are so lucky to live where you do.

  2. Thanks MJ, the Ice Falls are worth seeking out. Some years there are magnificent falls in November and other times just as the winter runoff begins.

    The colors and the formations are absolutely lovely to look at.

    ...and yes, I am very lucky to live here and have the freedom to roam.


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