Sunday, March 13, 2011

Morris on Dating

I'm really just a dog you know.

SHE called it a play date.

A friend brought her little Corgi over again and this time we went to the creek. Daisy brought her human person on a leash.

As I romped around her in circles through the snow and the mud, she told me in hushed tones, that she had to keep her human on a leash...she was afraid her human could get lost in the woods.

I contemplated that for almost a second and replied that my human, Val...otherwise know as SHE, was pretty good in these woods and never got lost.

Val at one point reached over and unhooked Daisy from her little harness. Daisy's human nearly had a conniption fit and Daisy quickly ran back to her to comfort her. Daisy's human said that Daisy didn't know well enough to come when she was called.

[Daisy said that she didn't always
*want* to come when called and there really was a huge difference, humans just didn't get it.] But she allowed her human to hook her back up.
She said that she could keep better track of her human better this way.

I ran down the trail to the creek and came charging back, trying to impress Daisy and her human at how good I was about sticking around and NOT running off.
Come to think of it. I've never ever run off.
Not. Once.

Daisy said I wasn't a real true blue dog if I'd never run off on my human. I simply said that SHE carries a pistol, that was enough for me.

[ Truly, SHE would never harm me, just make sure coyotes and 'possum never harmed me.]

I related this to Daisy and she simply put her nose up in the air.
I told her she was stuck up and ran around in circles again.

We finally hit the creek bottom and boy were the scents ever fantastic!
Daisy and I agreed that since we were having fun we would no longer argue. We just enjoyed each others company and let our humans do this thing called *girl talk*.

Daisy was amazed at the creek. She'd never been in one before.
On our way back to the farm we decided to play tag. Daisy circled the humans, Val was holding the leash and spun with her.

As we walked our humans passed the donkeys and to the house, Daisy heard her human mention 'bath'.
I cringed.
I know what a 'bath' is.

Any good Jack Russell never takes a bath, well....

at least NOT in front of a Corgi.


  1. I can never seem to keep caught up on reading blogs...I love to read posts from Morris. I read this one to My Man and we both got such a chuckle...Morris just has such an insight ;~)

    BTW...Cindy Sue says thank you to Morris for all the wonderful things he has written to her...she kinda has a crush on Morris. His sweet words and encouragement were very appreciated...they helped her heal and grow strong.


  2. Oh thanks! Yes, Morris can be quite the character and he has gotten a reputation for being the 'ladies' man!

    I'm so happy Cindy Sue is on the mend!


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