Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dish Faeries, where did they go?

Not your run of the mill Forest Faerie and Nymphs, they are hibernating because it is so cold out, awaiting the warm sun and spring.

I'm talking about the Dish Fairies.

You know, the ones that come in while you are not looking and wash that grungy stack of dishes that your hubby left while you were at work. [or in my case ~ was gone for 4 days]

...and speaking of the Dish Faerie, ...

who in the heck is holding the Window Washing Faerie hostage? HMMM?
She was supposed to do my windows this winter sometime, I know this.

Sigh, at least the one that does the laundry is not a mystery to me. I look in the mirror and find her...

Alas yes, the Faerie that should come and fix the dryer must have also gotten kidnapped or very lost.

I wonder if I spread Faerie dust around the house and put out Faerie treats, will they come?

You think?

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