Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Great Laudry Experiment Failure ~ Sigh

The dryer belt broke in December, in fact it broke in the beginning of December.

I tried hanging out 'his' towels and jeans so they'd be stiff and scratchy.

The other day he asked if I wanted to remove everything from the shelves surrounding the dryer [it is an apartment dryer and is in a storage area]. This is a major task and it means a mess.
If he didn't immediately get the part and repair it on the spot, it could be...
let's say a month or so of walking around the dryer in the kitchen while he considered his options.

Besides the day was nice out.

I...well, I am getting used to the fine art of winter laundry drying.
Besides, perhaps I've saved tons of $ in electricity.
Perhaps I've contributed to the global health of the world's climate.

Perhaps after so many months of not using the dryer ... I'm looking at it as a tool that isn't really a necessity.

But then there is this.
If someone stops by to visit on laundry day, they most likely will see the type of underwear I use or socks that should be 'whiter' or...old t-shirts...or my bedsheets.

Nah. That doesn't embarrass me at all. The occasional bird dropping a prize on my clothes while flying over the line does tick me off in the summer though.

So for right now, I still hang the laundry in the morning when frost is heavy on the ground, and watch the weather to make sure the clothes are not going to be double rinsed with rain water.

I'm still undecided about the dryer.
I've gone so long without it, do I really need it?

Perhaps,...if I ever get the house remodeled....but THAT is another story.


  1. Very colorful indeed, and a bright contrast to the brown and white post-winter backdrop! The expression "Hang in There" takes on a whole new meaning....

  2. I love to see clothes hanging on a line. Once we get past winter, we try to hang ours outside too.

    I just caught up, and have to say that you have some positively gorgeous photos...the Night Mare, the fire flies...incredible.

    I still need to learn how to watermark mine.

    How is Badger doing?

  3. Badger is having good days and bad days. Right now the good days are pretty good.

    The bad of course, that needs no explanation.

    My laundry line is a pleasure actually!


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