Sunday, March 27, 2011

I've become a Dexter Cattle Baron-ness?

[Pygmy Acres~Anne]

How did that happen?

Well 'someone' had the idea that we should get some cattle to graze our land and change the taxation base from recreational to pastureland.

Even though we've pastured donkeys, mules, and horses on the land for the past 15 or so years, equine is not recognized in the State of Wisconsin as Livestock for Tax purposes.
But, you do have to register your farm if you have one Equine, or even one chicken as 'Livestock Premises'.

Go figure.

So my husband found this neat little breed of cattle called Dexter Cattle.

Dexters are the smallest British breed of cattle and are established as a dual purpose breed with the average weight of cow being some 350kgs and standing approx 36" to 42" at the shoulder.

The breed comes in three colors, predominately black, but also in red and dun. Being a mountain breed they are extremely hardy and can live outside all year round. Their size and versatility makes them an ideal smallholders cow."

I'd truthfully never heard of them and thought ... no way!

They were awaiting me today when I came home from work.
I helped hubby unload 6 of them from our horse trailer and into a pen we'd made for their acclimation to our place.
OH Damn, are they ever cute!
These are yearlings behind my husband, playing "butt-head".

It took me but a few minutes to absolutely fall in love with them.
There is 'Chuck' currently a bully boy, but soon to be a Steer:
Then there is T-Bone a yearling bull, soon to be a Steer:

He has such a great 'do'!
Oh my...then there was...
um, well...
we found her registration papers...
she's the most contrary little Dexter out there...her... um, name is...

Oh yeah. But I think she's darned cute!
So now we have become Cattle Barons.

I have to reluctantly admit that my hubby had a very good and wonderful idea when he decided to get these little bovines.

More about these fun little creatures later...


  1. Ahahaha! Look at the mules reacting to the new guys! Those tiny beefers are just too cute! And bonus ~ you can practice cutting skillz now. ;)
    Congratulations, Baroness!

  2. I think these little cattle could walk right under Badger!

    Yep, they sure are darling...and calling for breakfast as the day breaks!

  3. I'm in love! I can't wait to meet them. And at least you don't have an donkey or mule named Valerie! You finally have something Dennis size! LOL

  4. Yes, Rich said we needed to get Dennis to 'break' Lil' Richard so they could take the 'cattle' out on the Range...


  5. They sound like a lot of fun, but you certainly work hard.


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