Monday, February 28, 2011

A Female mind and a frozen hose...

Sure it is important to know how to 'bath a hose'.
Especially one that is frozen solid and this is the hose that goes from the hydrant [pump] to the stock tank.

I got home and walked in He follows me in.

Him: Well that didn't work!

Me: What didn't work?

Him: The hose of course, I wiggled it, twisted it, shook it and even used a screw driver to try and break the ice from the end of it...the end that goes in the tank.

Me: [Raising one eyebrow and continuing to pull off my work jacket. The temps have dropped to zero, hmm]

Him: Now the whole thing is frozen solid, I thought if I kept the water going and could get it to break loose, I'd have it licked.

Me: ...and? You just left it out there?

Him: [lifts hands as if this thought is beyond him] Yes, I left it out there! It is frozen solid!

Me: Why didn't you bring it in and put it in the bath tub?

Him: [Shrugs] Maybe the sun will shine on it and warm it up tomorrow.

Me: [Grabbing my coveralls and putting them on over my uniform] I'll give it a bath in hot water, then we can water the stock tank.

Him: [Raises one eyebrow] Why?

Me: The animals need water right?

Him: Well, it shouldn't have frozen. And besides I tried to get it fixed for at least a half hour.

Me: [My coveralls are on and I exit with a faint smile on my face. As if it is the hose's fault.]

As I exited I may have made a comment under my breath about the difference between the thought process of a man and a woman.
A man will try to defeat ice with tools.
A woman will use warm water.

How interesting how our minds work.

It never crossed his mind to dump the hose in the tub and warm it up!

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  1. You're smarter than me. More than once this winter I've been out bending and banging on the hose to fill up the duck pool, thinking if I could just break the ice up it would let the water flow around it. DUH. I'll be using the hose bath from now on. haha


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