Saturday, February 05, 2011

Harsh Winter

Some say that this winter has been wicked and harsh. In some ways it has with its extreme blizzard like conditions, cold temperatures and wind chills.

Snow drifts this past few weeks have been the most difficult thing to deal with. Winds whip the loose snow across open fields and bury roads within hours.

The mules don't seem to mind the weather at all, in fact when it gets cold, they get creative and play to warm up.
Sundance watched as Mr. Black and LeRoy wrestle.

On the side of the road...the neighbor's tractor. I'm guessing he just ran out of gas or who really knows?
Sometimes he does things that don't always make sense.

Further down the neighbor's long driveway Morris and I find this...
a reminder that this winter has been tough, and the strong and cunning survive.


  1. The mules seem to be having a good time! Great pictures of them. The last photo isn't so happy though... but that's life.

  2. Nature is a tough task master and she continuously reminds us of life and death!


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