Friday, February 04, 2011


Winter brings a harsh beauty to the land. The sub zero temperatures are dangerous but no more dangerous than those extremely hot and humid days we get in the summer [think about it!].

Machinery works less efficiently in the cold but the animals on our place seem well prepared for the sub zero wind chills. They warm themselves by simply playing.
The snow drifts and shapes are exquisite works of Mother Nature. Others complain and I have to stop and admire these sculptures.
Yesterday was one of the first days that our roads have not been drifted in. I hiked to the ridge to watch the snow blow and cascade like water over the snow banks. It really was quite beautiful and intriguing. -20 and -30 wind chills, dress warmly. I was quite comfortable really and enjoyed the fresh air.

The woods are deep in new snow and blown in snow.
Yesterday I opted for the easy route for my walk and of course Morris enjoyed the outing also.

February came in much like a Rhino with an Attitude. I wonder how March will come in?


  1. That's one tough little "big" dog!

  2. Thanks MJ he Terriers are known for toughness and big hearts.


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