Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative digital artsy stuff ~ Part 2 in a Series

Sometimes it is nice to create something in another program.

I happen to love Fractals.
I love creating them and then editing into something else.

I also like free programs.
I've use Mblite in the past which does not work with any modern Windows program and is unavailable at this time.
ChaosPro-Free fractal generator is fun also.
I'm not using it at this time either because the program seemed unstable and crashed a lot for me.

Others may have some better insight, but it wasn't worth my time if it wasn't stable for Windows 7.
I did get some great images out of it before I uninstalled it however.

I'm currently using Sterling2 fractal generator for making creative digital art.

Here is another original fractal:
Then edited using Photoshop 7.0.
I used many layers.
Warp tools, rectangle marquee tools, elliptical tools, resize...edit the
inner shadows and outer shadows, polarize co-ordinates, warp filters
[in the filters menu]
and then added effects free brushes from
Obsidian Dawn along with a ripple effect from the free plug in Redfield Water Ripple Effect.

The result:
The basic idea here is not to create the same thing that someone else has created.

The idea is to create something original and unique.

Experiment with the tools, most of these tools, plug-ins, and brushes are compatible with all of the Adobe Photo editing products.

Most important, when you add them to your tool kit of graphic art they empower you to do more...and for me, simply to have fun.

Most of all these items are free!

Note: There are many free options on the internet that will add to you graphic creativity. I'm just reviewing and suggesting a few of those options.


  1. Fractals are very interesting. I saw a program on PBS a few weeks ago about how fractals are found in almost everything. Cell phones even use fractal antennas. I really like your completed image. The process is really cool. I'm going to try the Sterling program myself.

  2. Fractals are math equations and yes everything in nature I think is of a fractal.
    Isn't that strange?

    I believe someone took a photo of a broccoli head that showed it as a fractal!

  3. Wow!! Thats very impressive!!!!! Gave me some insperation for my photoshop stuff...


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